No, things cannot go back to normal yet.

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When I was in high school, I despised the fact that students were seen as merely numbers. The number you rank, your number in a placement exam… just another number in a system. Some universities see your number and decide then and there you won’t be fit for their institution, without looking at the hardships that could’ve affected that number, what you accomplished and what you aspire to do in life.

I accepted that I couldn’t change that system, and did my best to play their game. Though I couldn’t change being seen as another number then, I could change…

Mindfulness really does change your life

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Sometimes I like to stop and look around during conversations. I love to see the laughter, the smiling eyes, the puzzled faces, the grins. I love to see the sparkle in others eyes as they travel back in time when recalling something that made them feel alive. I love to listen and learn from the unique experiences and perspectives of those I cross paths with in life.

Sometimes I like to stop and look around in the tram. I wonder what is going on in the heads of those around me. Some look out, some look down, some sleep, some…

The evolving expat

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A wide-eyed, anxious girl steps out of a train. She will soon move in with a new family in a foreign country. She will discover that her four month, inconsistent online French course was not enough to become fluent (shocker!). That girl only had a vague idea of what was to truly come, but in that moment she waited in anticipation.

Two weeks later, she sits at her desk in her new house, writing as the rain pours outside, creating music to her ears. I’m still that girl, though much less anxious now and with a little more French vocabulary…

Beyond an abundance of psychology facts

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It was never part of the plan to end up interning for a psychologist, or to take a gap year just after my first year of college… But hey, not many things are.

A little bit of backstory: It all began in August of last year, when I made the pivotal choice to leave the university I was at to take the leap and follow my dream of moving and attending university in Europe. I withdrew just a few days before I was suppose to move back to campus and start classes. Due to making this choice so late, I…

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My mind often plays
a memory from a distant rainy day.
when I asked my father
what he wanted me to do in life
and with a soft smile and weary eyes
he said all he wants me to be
is happy and following my dreams

Puzzled, I took a step back
for all around me everyday
adults would tell us kids that
money is the way
and our big aspirations
cannot be expectations

Yet I noticed those same adults despised
getting up everyday to live their lives
only fully content two weeks a year. …

Reminders amid a bitter world

Idiosyncrasies. Those quirks, those many wonderful small things that make up a person. You know you love someone when you love their idiosyncrasies, even the more agitating ones. You remember them, celebrate them, and see how unique those details are.

It’s often difficult to see anything good in the world. We wake up to listen to dire news of animosity spreading rapidly everywhere. In addition to global issues, there are personal ones. Things happen. Life is unpredictable. Changing our own lives can be strenuous, let alone the world.

So how do you fall in love — or keep the love…

We love to romanticize certain aspects of life. For me, it has always been traveling alone. It has always been that vision of myself with a massive backpack crushing my spine, navigating new streets, meeting people from all over the world and listening to their stories, reading a book in a coffee shop where I can’t read the menu, and staring out the windows of airplanes and trains. It has always been that vision that I see before I go to sleep at night that keeps my ambition more alive than ever.

Recently I made an immense change in my…

You may be in a place in your life where your heart tells you one thing and your mind tells you another. You may be in a place where you are making pros and cons list. You may be in a place where you don’t know if going left or right is the correct path to take.

I was just there. I had one week to make a life-altering decision. It was arduous and terrifying. I filled all my friends and family members in on this predicament and sought their input, yet I already knew what I wanted. …

Isabel Orozco

Taking on life and writing about it | Passionately curious

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